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"Kickin' It.... since 1975!"

"Kickin' It.... since 1975!"



I will create an appropriate environment that:

  • Focuses on safety, fun, development and education
  • Build an atmosphere where winning is not defined by the outcome of competition but by the growth of the player

I will act responsibly and do my best to assure that:

  • I am knowledgeable on the Laws of the Game and the special rules imposed by NWISL
  • I will provide playing time that conforms to PSC and NWISL rules
  • I will properly educate players on the importance of teamwork and fair play along with fundamentals and skills
  • I will cooperate with the PSC Board in the enforcement of rules and regulations and report any irregularities to the Board
  • I will ensure that the "Times Two" policy will be strictly observed.  When a girl player is present an adult female will be present
  • I will never leave a child alone after a game/practice

I will display appropriate behavior and understand that violations of the following Codes will jeopardize my privilege to coach:

  • I will treat each player, opposing coach, official, parent and administrator with respect and dignity and refrain from using profanity, intimidation tactics and/or inappropriate language 
  • I will uphold the authority of the officials who are assigned to the game.  If there is a small issue discuss with the referee at the half or after the game.  If the complaint is major, report it to the Board and they will address the League
  • During the game, I am responsible for the behavior of by players and their parents.  I understand and will follow NWISL's sideline protocol
  •  I will observe NWISL's severe weather policy at games and practice

Responsibility to Portage Soccer Club

  • Coaches must behave in a manner that does not compromise the principles, integrity and/or dignity of the Club
  • Coaches must not ask for special consideration for their player or themselves
  •  Coaches should discuss problems with the Board in a friendly manner and then accept and support the Board's decision

Terminal Behavior

Any violation of the following will result in immediate termination of coaching privilages:

  • I will never coach under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • I will not participate in verbal or physical assault on any Board member, parent, child or official

Portage Youth Soccer Club reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action involving any violation of these Codes of Conduct.  Disciplinary action may include but not limited to: game suspension, season suspension or expulsion from the Club



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